Acer Chromebook 11in, CB3-131

I recently picked up a cheap Acer Chromebook 11inch - CB3-131. It runs Chome OS. While it’s nice as a machine that just works for small things and travel. I found the environment to be a bit restrictive (less fun) to play with. I did try crouton, but it wasn’t what I had hoped for.

I proceeded to investigate installing a full linux distro onto my Chromebook and discovered that on some (the one that I got) has a physical write protect screw on the mainboard. I proceeded to take it apart and compared it to some photos of the older CB3-111 model. I then proceeded to remove the write protect screw which I think is this one (circled in red). The layout of the board hasn’t changed much if at all, so it’s a pretty safe bet.

I’ve yet to try installing a linux like GalliumOS or just straight up Debian/Ubuntu. It seems the BayTrail chipset is less supported than the Haswell/Broadwell based Chromebooks.


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